The single most versatile platform for your practice’s growth.

With unmatched features, flexibility, and fee structures, PtEverywhere will help you simplify, maximize, and scale your practice profitably.


We are PtEverywhere

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Tap into new patient bases with ease.

With support for cash-based, hybrid, and in-network practices, PtEverywhere is the platform that frees your practice from growth-capping EMRs that only support one model of insurance & billing.

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So much more than an EMR.

This is not just an EMR. This is holistic, high-impact practice management.

This is achieving patient outcomes beyond the office—with direct messaging, document sharing, and home exercise programs.

This is a simplified front-office with appointment scheduling and reminders, and automated intake.

This is charting made easy, with AI-assisted capabilities for recording and documentation—and anytime, anywhere app access.



Be the practice that leads in patient care, reputation, and agility.

With PtEverywhere, you’ll unify systems, boost efficiency, and deliver excellent care with ease–driving results for your practice with powerful simplicity.

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