September 28, 2023

PtEverywhere’s Open API Enhancing Patient Care Ecosystem


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Leveraging technology to dramatically improve the operations and the patient experience for rehab practices was at the forefront of PtEverywhere’s objectives when the company was founded in 2015.

As the first and only system designed as an all-in-one EMR+ for cash-based physical therapy practices, PtEverywhere began with a mobile app and a patient portal that empowered providers to attract, connect, motivate, and retain patients.  Then, in 2019, before the pandemic shut down the United States and countries across the world, a secure, HIPAA-compliant video chat feature was implemented to provide a safe and simple telehealth solution to keep rehab practices up and running, serving their patients remotely.

Later in 2021, PtEverywhere delivered a complete Clearinghouse / Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) suite that allows practices the ability to check eligibility, create, scrub, and submit claims - as well as reconcile ERAs - all without logging in to any separate software program.

Now, in 2023, PtEverywhere is enhancing your patient care ecosystem and opening opportunities to maximize the power of information by delivering an Open API.

What’s an Open API?

Application Programming Interface (API) effectively allows you to create a bridge between two completely separate software systems.

For example, your EMR can communicate with your Marketing system or your Practice Management solution can communicate with your Accounting system.

Possibilities now include automating marketing emails sent based on appointment types, days since a last appointment, birthdays, and more.  This also includes having real time financials available within your accounting and tax software.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

PtEverywhere’s APIs were designed with HIPAA compliance requirements, which drove the technology decision to employ Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cognito to authenticate and authorize secure processing and transmission of protected health information (PHI).

The Amazon API Gateway automatically uses HTTPS endpoints for encryption in-flight, which protects PtEverywhere users from “Man-in-the-middle” attacks.  When transmitting PHI data, all requests are tracked on AWS CloudWatch, which is protected by AWS.

Your data is secure in a HIPAA-compliant environment while in PtEverywhere and while being sent out of PtEverywhere.  Once it arrives into another system, it is your responsibility to ensure that the system receiving the data is HIPAA compliant.

How do I get started?

API Documentation is available for no additional fee for all PtEverywhere subscribers.  Please contact our Client Care team to request the Documentation.