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Practice Management

PtEverywhere is your all-in-one physical therapy software for practice management. It’s designed to simplify the control of your practice, allowing you to schedule, document, invoice, and communicate directly with your patients from one easy-to-use interface. PtEverywhere gives you the freedom to focus on patient care and improving patient outcomes, while also giving you the data you need to keep your clinic competitive.

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Practice management in your pocket

Our physical therapy management software can simplify your practice: schedule, document, invoice, and share exercise programs from one easy-to-use interface.


Connect with patients

Communicate directly with your patients anytime, anywhere. Share custom exercise protocols, new product recommendations and advice to help your patients achieve their goals faster.


View Reports

Create and view reports that track your business metrics and clinical outcomes. Analyze patient outcomes, trends and clinic goals so you can make informed and data-based business decisions. PtEverywhere gives you the freedom to focus on patient care and improving patient outcomes, while also giving you the data you need to keep your clinic competitive.



Scheduling has never been easier than it is with our clinic management software. Easily manage appointments, track patient availability, and avoid double bookings.


Easy online scheduling via web app, mobile app or directly through your website

Simplify scheduling with our physical therapy management software. Make online booking via web or app a breeze. Coordinate schedules so your patients choose their own times and providers.


Email Confirmations and Reminders

Cut down on missed or late appointments. Emails and push notifications confirm and remind your patients about upcoming appointments.


Manage your schedule, documentation, payment, and connect with patients

View your day or weekly schedule at-a-glance, sync appointments with patient notes and documentation, and be more accessible than ever before.


Charting / EMR

Our physical therapy software is integrated with EMR (Electronic Medical Recording) tools. Our EMR+ solution simplifies charting and ensures HIPAA-compliant patient documentation and privacy.


Reduce paper redundancy

Check in a patient using PtEverywhere, and let the system automatically create a note attached to the patient. Because you’re documenting in real-time, there’s no need to create a separate note outside of the patient’s chart. Upload and share external files two ways between you and your patients.



Create and customize document templates for quick reference and future use. Utilize enhanced features to check, select or import information quickly.


Document on the go

Our PT software comes with built-in voice-to-text features. You can dictate notes directly into patient charts.


Payments / Billing

PtEverywhere helps ensure timely and accurate payment collection regardless of your practice's payment model.Our physical therapy software supports in-network, hybrid, out-of-network, or cash-based / direct pay.


Create and Send Superbills in Two Clicks

Because PtEverywhere is seamlessly integrated with patient documentation, checking out an appointment allows you to easily create a perfect superbill delivered to your patient's portal - where they can pay, print, or download it anytime and anywhere.


Insurance Billing / Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Check eligibility online, create/scrub/submit electronic claims, and reconcile ERAs for Medicare, Medicaid, and thousands of private insurance companies - all within PtEverywhere, without the need to log in anywhere else.


Automate Secure Payments for Packages and Memberships

Create new revenue streams by turning your current services and programs into recurring memberships or packages. Easy-to-use tools allow you to create and track "plans of care" and automate secure credit, debit, HSA, and FSA card payments.

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Patient Portal

Our patient portal is your physical therapy clinic on the web. With Patient Portal, you can connect with your patients through a convenient, safe and secure environment on the app or in the browser.


Personalized Experience

PtEverywhere’s physical therapy software enables easy customization so you can personalize your patients’ experience throughout their plan of care and beyond.


Convenient online booking

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of an online booking system, especially one that automatically links to patient profiles, documentation, and auto-reminders.


Paperless forms

Finally, an end to the seemingly endless paper trail. Patients can complete and sign paperless online forms (intake forms / consent forms) and superbills. They can also easily upload and share X-Ray, MRI, and prescription information.


Home Exercise Programs (HEP)

Create helpful videos, guides and how-tos or design an interactive home exercise program that helps your patients stick to their goals and get better faster.


Create Customized HEPs

Search PtEverywhere’s extensive video library or add your own videos to create a home exercise program uniquely tailored to your patients’ needs and goals.


Record Your Own Videos

In search of a new or hard to find exercise? PtEverywhere allows you to personalize and film your own videos directly through the app. Simply upload videos from your phone or computer or add videos from YouTube or Vimeo.


Help Patients Reach their Goals

Prescribe single videos, detailed programs (protocols), or PDF files to keep your patients focused and on track for success.



Telehealth sessions maximize emerging healthcare technology to better serve your patients.



PtEverywhere video conferencing allows you to consult with patients anytime and anywhere, giving remote patients access and help wherever and whenever they need it.



Deliver the future of healthcare to your patients today by utilizing emerging healthcare technology to improve patient outcomes at every level.



Create a new revenue stream that adjusts to your availability and location.


Messaging / Reminders

Improve patient attendance and save valuable time with automated emails and app reminders powered by our physical therapy software.



Meet HIPAA standards for private conversations and protected health information.


Unparalleled Interaction

Connect and engage directly with your patients to help them track their progress and reach their goals.


Automatic Reminders

Set automatic reminders for patient appointments, home exercise programs, and daily health trackers.

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