January 21, 2021

10 Physical Therapist Networking Tips for PT Professionals

Relationships make the world go ‘round. This is no mere cliche, but an adage that reigns endlessly true. In fact, it’s thanks to relationships I found through physical therapist networking  that I was first introduced to the team at PtEverywhere!

Networking proves instrumental in the successes of individuals and businesses alike. Danny Matta with Athletes’ Potential insists that strong local relationships are SO important, as they can snowball into many referrals which amount to authentic business growth. With that in mind, keep reading for 10 networking tips for PT professionals!

Top 10 Physical Therapist Networking Tips

Below, I've compiled the 10 most important physical therapy networking tips and tricks I've learned throughout my career.

1. Take time to catch up with and build personal relationships with your patients.

Danny suggests that you “develop cadence and tempo for fostering these relationships.” This doesn’t need to be tricky! Seek to learn about your clients’ lives and remember key events or goals! Follow up with them each visit to see how they’re doing and don’t be afraid to offer encouragement.

2. Ditch the “get ‘er done” mentality.

Your patients can tell when you’re rushing from one thing to the next. Make sure you’re giving each patient enough time, not just fulfilling the work. The impression this leaves on your clients will increase their likelihood of bringing in referrals.


3. Make social media your friend.

Social media is a great place to post testimonials, weekly challenges, and special hours. I’ve been recently impressed by many businesses’ employment of Instagram stories! Avoid getting overinvested, but share your social media pages with clients and establish a regular posting schedule.

4. Establish a local presence through representation at local races and events.

Reach out to local event coordinators to ask about setting up a table. Particularly when it comes to runs, swim meets, and triathlons, you can bet on encountering individual’s who would benefit from your services. 

5. Take on a sponsorship.

While this involves a bit more investment than simply pitching a table, sponsorships present a fantastic physical therapist networking opportunity to further your brand while illustrating your dedication to the community.

6. Consider a community giveaway.

Giveaways are a great way to both up your social media presence and bring new clients directly into the practice. Set up a raffle and give participants tickets when they follow, like, and share your social media platform. Not only will the winner be given an incentive to check out your business, giveaways will bring more traffic to your social media pages, increasing your visibility.

7. Establish direct partnerships with other healthcare professionals you know and trust.

Just make sure you’re not relying on one source for all of your referrals! A cornerstone of physical therapist networking lies in communicating with your peers and building a strong, reliable network of professionals who work in the same industry.

8. Form partnerships outside your direct referrals.

This may include gyms, chiropractic clinics, or health bars. What a great opportunity to run a promotion or “two-for-one” deal.


9. Don’t underestimate unofficial, wider reaching partnerships.

For example, Danny shares that “everybody on our team for Athletes’ Potential has used the same real estate group to buy their houses. I’ve recommended them to plenty of friends and family members and I think they do an excellent job.” So long as it’s genuine, this sort of relationship goes both ways! You’re getting your name out there and creating loyalty, encouraging members of a group to choose you when they’re looking for a physical therapist. The key is that you are working with people in the community that you trust.

10. Rekindle old connections.

Maybe it’s a client you haven’t seen in a while, or an organization you used to partner with. Gently reach out to see how they’re doing and remind them of your presence, without being pushy. 

Upgrade Your Physical Therapist Networking Process

In the ever-connected world of healthcare, building and nurturing the connections physical therapy work can bring is paramount. PtEverywhere's practice management software can streamline these networking efforts, helping PT professionals efficiently manage their referrals, partnerships, and patient relationships, ultimately leading to authentic business growth. Try PtEverywhere today and witness how it can enhance your practice's networking capabilities.