August 4, 2022

The 3 Best Health and Wellness Trends 2023 Taught Us


The health and wellness trends 2023 has brought us we're full of useful insights for better living. 

Each year there are new trending topics on what the best practices are in regards to staying healthy and fit, but sometimes those ideas are just that – trendy. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should jump onto the bandwagon and introduce it into your routine.

However, sometimes there are some helpful tips amongst social media trends that can provide useful tips in your everyday life – especially if you’re seeking some new ways to stay active and healthy.

Here are some of the most popular health and wellness industry trends that have proven to be the most effective in 2023.

1. Wearable Technology

Back in 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Watch, which quickly became the fastest selling wearable technology in that year. In these past seven years, various companies have released competitors that provide users with health tracking, step checks, goal monitoring, and more. 

With the syncing features that this technology offers, it’s easily accessible and also a great way for therapists to monitor their patients and assist in their everyday lives. These wearable technologies offer features that are compatible with EHR systems, allowing healthcare providers and physical therapists to connect with their patients even after their session is over. 

2. An Emphasis on Sleep

Following two years of isolation, stress, and panic, there’s been an increase in wellness awareness among all demographics, and the importance of sleep has been brought to the horizon.

According to the Sleep Foundation, some benefits of getting an adequate amount of sleep every night include:

  • Improved mood energy levels
  • Healthy heart and blood pressure levels
  • Regulated blood sugar
  • Replenished immune system and cell turnover
  • Stress relief
  • Athletic restoration and muscle growth
  • Healthy weight


We all know that sleep can improve your overall daily life, but this year has really placed an emphasis on self-care and part of that includes getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Some ways that you can improve your sleep and feel better in the morning are:

  • Turning off technology an hour prior to bedtime
  • Ending food consumption 2-3 hours prior to bedtime
  • Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day
  • Have a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Have physical activity in some way throughout the day
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the evening


For some, getting adequate sleep is easier than for others, but it’s something everyone should be placing an emphasis on and work towards improving.

3. Gut Health

This term has been used almost excessively this year, from social media to ads, but for good reason: your gut plays a huge role in the way that your body functions, and so making sure you keep an eye on it and ensuring its efficacy is a good way to improve your overall health. 

According to Northwestern Medicine, “The gut uses nerves, bacteria, and hormones. Bacteria form a mucosal layer that strengthens the gut wall and good digestive health if the result of a balance of good and bad bacteria.” 

If you feel any sort of ongoing stomach pain, indigestion, bloating, and acid reflux, it’s important to address these issues with your doctor and seek a gastroenterologist. Some ways you can assist your stomach if these issues are caused by your diet are:

  • Cutting processed foods down in your daily intake
  • Higher fiber 
  • Lower processed sugar
  • Introducing probiotics and digestive enzymes into your diet
  • Maintaining other healthy habits like adequate sleep, reducing stress, daily exercise


Of course, it’s important to first check with your doctor to see what may be causing your discomfort, because it may be a sign that there is something wrong with your digestive system. 

In conclusion, these three 2023 health and wellness trends are not brand new to the world of wellness and health – but they’ve definitely become more popular this past year, and for very good reason. All of them are important to various components of your life, and so it may benefit you to keep these in mind when you’re evaluating your own health journey this year.

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