November 26, 2020

Attitude of Gratitude

2020 has been quite the year. And yes, I realize I’m stating the obvious. Humanity has faced loneliness and isolation, financial difficulty, anxiety, disappointment after disappointment, and illness. Daily tasks have become arduous and wedding planning now entails comprehensive risk assessment.

All in all, this has caused a lot of frustration. I’m tired of Zoom calls- they’re exhausting and it’s difficult to remain focused.


I’m tired of family gatherings that require us to remain distant. My heart hurts knowing I’m unable to welcome anyone I please into my home for a shared meal. I’m overwhelmed, not knowing when any of this is going to end.

But most of all, I am thankful. I am beyond thankful for the technology that allows us to stay connected and move forward. I’m thankful for software like PtEverywhere that makes it possible for us as physical therapists to do what we love and support ourselves, despite our inability to do so in person. I am thankful for telephones and telehealth; for the ability to hear the voices of loved ones and to offer help to those who need it most. I’m thankful for cameras which allow me to record HEP for my clients and lead synchronous workouts through video calling software.

I am thankful for squats and for planks and my pretty blue bicycle. I’m thankful for the ability to move in nature, as well as in my own home. Never before have I racked up so much mileage on foot! I’m thankful for my foam roller, especially after all those long walks.


I’m thankful for my newfound appreciation and gratitude. Never again will I take for granted the ability to walk confidently into a room full of people. I won’t be able to dismiss the smiles of strangers or the joy of silly smirks and scrunched noses.

I’m thankful for the strength I’ve gained through these crazy times. I am thankful for the human capacity to adapt and learn through experience. While this time hurts, we are gaining knowledge and insight that will serve us in ways we are not yet aware of. I am thankful that difficulty spurs innovation and builds resilience. I’m thankful to witness this playing out at PtEverywhere as we lean harder into our mission and strengthen our community of passionate physical therapists.

There is much to be thankful for, and much still to come. From my PtEverywhere family to yours, we hope this season will provide a time of rest, reflection, and encouragement. We’re thankful for you!