April 27, 2023

How to Build a Better Patient Experience with Digital PT Intake Forms

Digital intake forms are the best and most efficient way to collect patient information, and you’re probably already using them in your physical therapy clinic. 

Besides being a safe and secure way to gather accurate patient data, it can also play a crucial part in the ever-so-important patient experience. If your client feels your clinic gives them a unique, individualized interaction, they will keep returning for your PT services.

So how can you make your physical therapy digital intake forms adhere to the patient experience?


1. Make digital pt intake forms easy-to-navigate

Even though you’re a PT, you still know the frustrations of being a patient. How often have you rubbed your temples when trying to complete a new patient form online (or worse, in the waiting room)? The registration process can be frustrating, lengthy, and BORING. 

You’re clinic forms don’t have to follow suit. By making your forms simple but personable, you can immediately start making a great first impression on your clients. 

What are some ways to make digital pt intake forms user-friendly?

Simply make the application process faster and easier for your patients. 

Here’s how to do that: 

Keep them short, sweet, and to the point - The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds.  Ask pivotal questions to build out their patient profile (name, insurance info, medications, etc.) or offer them the option to skip nonapplicable questions. Tip: Templates can expedite this process or be an excellent launching pad for beginners. PtEverywhere's customers get full access to our library of PT-specific intake forms, consent forms, and outcome measurements that can be used or edited.

Avoid medical jargon - Keep the language clear and concise. There’s no need to impress with your PT knowledge. (You can prove that to them when they come for their first appointment!) 

Limit text fields - Instead of making your patients fill in the information manually, create a drop-down menu when possible. This will make it easier for them to complete the intake form. 

Test it out - Before your digital pt intake form goes live, test it yourself. Does it feel intuitive to use? Were the instructions clear? How long did it take to complete the form? Answering these questions beforehand can ensure the form works appropriately. 

Keep patients updated - Stand out from the others in your space by staying in touch with the patient after they submit their forms. Don't keep your potential client in suspense. Update them that you received the document and that their health information is safe and secured in your system. Tip: Pteverywhere’s platform allows for in-app notifications so you can let patients know their intake has been received promptly. 

2. Have the digital pt intake forms available on multiple devices 

Improving the patient experience also means improving the digital healthcare experience. People value convenience, especially when it applies to their health.

Check out these stats:

  • 80% of patients prefer digital communication to interact with healthcare providers.
  • 60% of patients are comfortable sharing their healthcare through a digital format.
  • Over 60% of patients say digital services are essential when choosing a physician.

The patients have spoken. They want to be digitally engaged with their healthcare provider. Making your intake forms available on multiple devices shows that you’re listening to your patients.

What devices should I make my digital pt intake form available on? 

 On as many interfaces as possible! 

Popular digital channels: 

  • Computers - web-based forms offer a reliable option for patients to submit an intake form with an internet connection. 
  • Smartphones - 85% of American adults use smartphones and check their phones an average of 58 times daily. Why waste time on emails that will most likely go to spam? 
  • Tablets - An excellent middle ground between a desktop and a smartphone for your clients with poor eyesight and mobility impairments may use a tablet as their primary source of digital communication. 

Tip:  Pteverywhere’s platform is all about convenience for the PT and patient. We understand that people are on their mobiles as much as their desktops. Therefore, our features are available on an app or web browser, creating greater accessibility for your patients. 

3.  Create customizable digital pt intake forms

Your digital intake forms should also address the needs of your practice and add fluidity to daily operations. Choosing a digital intake form that allows for customization can improve the productivity of your physical therapy practice.

What customizable features do I need for my digital pt intake form? 

You’ll want the following tools: 

To add or remove fields - As you get patient feedback on their enrollment experience, you’ll want the option to modify questions so the process flows as smoothly as possible. 

Ability to duplicate information - Time-saving features can make all the difference in your clinic. By automatically transferring patient information to other formats or destinations, you can reduce admin work while eliminating repetitive tasks for patients to do. Tip: Pteverywhere has multiple time-saving tools for copying or formatting patient data, so you never have to re-enter redundant information. 

Enhance your patient experience with digital pt intake forms  

Every part of the PT patient experience matters, starting with the intake form. Make it meaningful so it has a positive impact on that potential client. Your intake form should reflect the professional, easy-going, and dedicated treatment they will receive at your facility. 

To learn more about our digital intake forms, book a demo or check out our media center for more therapy tips and tricks!