August 4, 2018

MOTIVATE Patients with PtEverywhere

You want "better outcomes", but what are you doing that is actually "better"?

It is also crucial for maximizing your appointment calendar; and ultimately, your practice’s bottom line.


With proper communication, inspiring clients to achieve their goals can be possible.

We’ve all struggled with patients that aren’t diligent with their home exercise program or have canceled appointments before achieving the results that they wanted.

With PtEverywhere, you can create helpful videos, guides and how-tos or design an interactive home exercise program that helps your patients stick to their goals and get better faster. PtEverywhere also allows you to personalize and film your own videos directly through the app. Simply upload videos from your phone or computer or add videos from YouTube or Vimeo. 

Motivate the patient to stick with their prescribed programs through our compliance reports; and allow them to track their progress over time with their Health Tracker.  Pop-up notifications will encourage and remind patients to complete rehab programs, record subjectives, and continue working with you to reach their goals.

When patients feel supported and accountable, they are more likely to adhere to their prescribed programs, leading to better outcomes and overall satisfaction with your services. With PtEverywhere, you can enhance patient engagement, improve treatment adherence, and help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals.


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