June 11, 2021

Would You Trade Your Health/Relationships for Business Success?

What if I could guarantee business success in whatever venture you wanted to pursue?

Would you take it?

What if the only catch was, you would also be guaranteed to end up divorced and have no relationship with your children.

Would you take it then?

The vast majority hopefully you would say no to this deal but over and over again we see clinicians ruin all the relationships they value in pursuit of business success.


We become obsessive over business success and honestly, I think you almost have to be in the early stages.

What we stop prioritizing is time with the people around us and our own physical/mental health.

You can only do this for so long before you end up in a bad place.

I know personally.

I’ve had an anxiety attack I thought was a heart attack.

I’ve had shingles.

I’ve strained my relationship with Ashley almost to the point of no repair.

I’ve put myself in terrible physical and mental condition by not sleeping, training or working on myself at all.

I’ve lost touch with friends and family members.

All because of trying to build a business.


I thought this was just how it had to be until I started getting around other entrepreneurs and getting help from business coaches.

What I learned saved my health and definitely my marriage.

I learned how to prioritize the right things and focus on the right work.

Once I stopped focusing on the amount of effort I was putting into the business and started focusing on being efficient, I created more time for myself.

This allowed me to be more present with my family, friends and focus on taking care of myself again.

You don’t have to go through what I did.


It’s not some cool badge of honor to say you almost ended up divorced and gave yourself shingles.

It’s frankly stupid of me for not getting help sooner than I did.

If you sound like you’re going down the same path I did, we should talk.

You can have a successful business, great relationships and great health.

You just need to learn how to manage the crazy life of an entrepreneur that you willingly stepped into.

We are trying something new this week.

We want to make it really easy for you to get in touch with us so we are opening up an option for you to shoot us a text.

Just text 512-714-3146 and let us know you’re looking for some help.

We can point you to a relevant podcast, share a free resource or maybe even jump on a short call with you.

We know we can help and we want to prove it to you for free.

Talk to you soon and have a great weekend.

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