Support Service Description

Effective: April 18, 2017

Thanks for using PtEverywhere, a service provided by Inovaetion Inc. (“Inovaetion”, “we”, or “us”).  This Support Service Description defines the support relationship between the Customer and Inovaetion by clarifying roles, setting expectations and providing mechanisms for resolving issues. This Service Description also covers performance and other topics pertinent to the Service.


'Inovaetion Responsibilities' means the actions required from Inovaetion in order for the issue to be resolved.

'Case' means a problem, question or bug that the Customer brings to Inovaetion for resolution.

'Customer Responsibilities' mean the actions and information required from the Customer in order for the Case to be resolved.

'Definition' means a description of the overall issue category and the level of symptom suffered for the specified Severity level.

'Entitlement' means a subscription to the support Service for a single SAP PI system.

'Resolution' means an outcome either a work-around or a full solution. A work-around will consist of a number of steps that, when performed, mitigate the problem. A solution means a complete removal of the problem whether in the current version of Inovaetion product or a later version.

'Response Time' means the time from receipt of the Case to when the Support Engineer sends an acknowledgment of the Case as defined by the Severity Level associated with the Case.

'Scope' means a description of the categories of Case and the specific level of symptom suffered for the specified Priority Level.

'Severity Level' means the level of criticality for an issue as specified by Inovaetion.

'Support Engineer' means an Inovaetion support engineer responsible for providing the Service.

'System' shall mean PtEverywhere Portal

Scope of Coverage

PtEverywhere will provide support to evaluate and assist in the resolution of problems related to Customer’s use of the Services. Any additional support related to the Services requested by Customer will be provided at PtEverywhere’s then-current time and materials rate.

Severity Levels and Response Definitions

Upon receipt of a Case report, a Support Engineer will commence efforts to verify the Case and set the Severity Level. Inovaetion will work with the Customer to assess the urgency of a Case and to assign the appropriate Severity Level. When setting the Severity Level with the Customer Inovaetion support team will use the definitions below. Having set the Severity Level, the Support Engineer will respond as soon as possible to the Customer and within the Response Time for the Severity Level. 

Severity Level 1 (Response Time 4 hours):
Definition: Core functionality not available
Responsibilities:  Continuous effort will be provided by the appropriate Support Engineer(s) and/or a Development Engineer(s) to produce a workaround during coverage hours. As soon as core functionality is available, the Severity level will be lowered to Level 3 and a permanent Resolution will be developed.

Severity Level 2 (Response Time 1 business day):
Definition: Core functionality severely degraded 
Responsibilities: Inovaetion will use reasonable efforts during coverage hours to produce a work-around. The Support Engineer will aim to produce a work-around that is sufficient to adjust the priority level to Level 3 where a permanent Resolution will be developed.

Severity Level 3 (Response Time 3 business days):
Definition: Standard support request 
Responsibilities: Inovaetion will use reasonable efforts during the coverage hours to provide the Customer with a work-around as soon as possible balanced against higher Severity Level Cases. Having provided a work-around, Inovaetion Support Engineers will work on developing a permanent Resolution for the Case. 

Severity Level 4 (Response Time 5 business days):
Definition: Non-urgent issues 
Responsibilities: This Severity Level covers non-urgent problems including cosmetic issues, feature requests or information requests. In the case of a cosmetic or feature issue, Inovaetion Support Engineer will review the issue to determine whether the issue is a product enhancement for a future release. Information requests will be reviewed and responded to with a reasonable level of effort during coverage hours.

Contacting Inovaetion

The primary method for reporting Cases is through the app PtEverywhere. This enables the Customer to enter, edit and respond to current Cases, the site will notify them by email of alterations to Cases and it provides the capability for the Customer to review previous Cases. 

When reporting a Case, the Customer must specify how the issue is affecting their use of Inovaetion products. The Customer must cooperate with Inovaetion to provide all reasonable information deemed necessary by Inovaetion to resolve the Case.

Hours of Support Business

Hours of coverage for support services are 9 AM – 5 PM EST Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays).

Service Review

Inovaetion will undertake a service review meeting with the Customer annually to cover any questions or problems that have taken place during the period. The Customer may also request a service review meeting at any time.


Inovaetion support team is available during standard business hours for issue escalation.  Emails to support @ are monitored and logged into the ticketing system upon receipt. If the Customer feels they are not getting an adequate response to their escalation, the Customer may escalate an issue at any time through their Account Manager. 

As the final level of escalation (or at any time the requester feels this escalation procedure is not being followed or is not effective), the requester could contact Inovaetion’s CEO if the requester feels the individual issue or the problems are not resolved.