February 4, 2021

The Benefits of Digital Record Keeping for Physical Therapists

Does switching to digital record keeping seem like too much work? We’ll admit, it takes time and effort to transition from paper to digital. In the long run, however, the initial investment is more than worth it.


Why is this, you ask?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 reasons why the team at PtEverywhere believes your physical therapy practice should switch from paper to digital record keeping:

1. EMR saves you time.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) make patient information accessible within a few keystrokes. Digital record keeping eliminates time spent sorting through papers to help you simplify your practice management and ditch the “ Overworked and Underpaid.”


2. EMR exponentially improves organization.

Paper filing systems make for a great big mess. A single misplaced file can send the entire system into disarray. With EMR, every file is stored securely in the same place and can be accessed without dependence on maintained alphabetization.

3. EMR reduces paper redundancy.

Digital record keeping eliminates the need to create notes outside a patient’s file. This prevents the loss of information and, once again, improves organization. With PtEverywhere’s charting and EMR software, you can even use our voice-to-text feature to dictate notes directly into patient charts.

4. EMR improves customer service.

Less time shuffling through papers makes it easier for you to deliver speedy and personal care to your clients. Further, patient experience is streamlined and enhanced through the potential for embedded patient intake forms, online billing, and an integrated HEP platform.

5. EMR increases efficiency.

Paper record keeping is a huge job in and of itself. Organizing and filing can easily take hours! EMR kills multiple birds with one stone. Not only do you save time, you gain the ability to work from anywhere! This kind of flexibility makes life a heck of a lot easier.

6. EMR saves you money.

Time is money… and we’ve already discussed how time-consuming paper filing systems can be. Healthcare providers have found that EMR reduces transcription, chart-pull, storage, and re-filling costs.

7. EMR elevates your professionalism.

Organization + streamlined delivery = professionalism. Simple.

8. EMR helps you maintain compliance.

It can often seem like regulations are constantly changing. EMR allows you access to software that can seamlessly keep you in-line with regulations and update you when things do change, so you never miss a beat.

9. EMR reduces your environmental footprint.

Switching from paper records to EMR is one of the most effortless and intuitive shifts your company can make to care for the environment. The U.S. uses approximately 68 million trees each year for paper, contributing to deforestation and related emissions. While it may seem like your PT practice’s paper consumption is only a drop in the bucket, lasting change starts at the individual level!


10. EMR improves marketing capabilities.

By storing all your data digitally, you have easy access to the sum of your patient demographics and KPI variables. With the help of the proper software (even as straightforward as Excel) you’re equipped to better understand your clientele, practice growth patterns, and pressure points.