November 12, 2020

Courage to Take the First Steps


We’ve been down in the weeds of practice management a lot over the past few weeks, so why not change it up a bit? Today, let’s take a moment for a bit of encouragement. I shared a bit of Danny Matta’s story in my post “Back to the Basics: Starting a Cash Practice,” but there’s a whole lot more to his story…

Danny recalls getting in his car one morning and finding himself overcome with dread. The key was in the ignition, but he couldn’t bring himself to turn it. Danny was over it. Sick and tired of a job that limited his ability to employ the extent of his training and passion.

You see, Danny had gotten a taste of what it’s like to work in an environment that allowed him to thrive, and could not get comfortable with the limiting position that followed. Working for the 2nd Brigade in the 25th Infantry Division, Danny was functioning as a Performance Physical Therapist. He taught strength and conditioning classes, worked on injury prevention programs, and treated soldiers. When Danny’s deployment was cancelled and his position brought to an abrupt stop, Danny was reassigned to a traditional clinic position at Ft. Benning, without the autonomy he had come to hold so dear. He writes, “I felt like a cog in a wheel, and I hated it.”

He was nervous to leave the security of his military career, but knew he would not be happy were he to remain. Following a conversation with one of his patients, Danny felt convicted that staying would be the “safe” choice… he realized he wasn’t okay with making the safe choice, especially if that meant he’d spend the next 13 years just waiting to do what he really wanted.

All in the same month, Danny resigned from his Army career and started Athletes’ Potential, his very own cash-based physical therapy clinic. Athletes’ Potential was housed in a tiny, windowless office with rudimentary equipment. It was the bare minimum, but it was something.


It was freedom.

Where is he now? Danny was able to start his practice for $3,000, without taking out a single loan. Today, he owns a booming clinic and leads an incredible team of physical therapists who share his passion. Danny did it, and so can you.

Taking the first few steps is the most challenging part. It requires you to take risk, and risk is not comfortable. That being said, you’re risking your chances at an incredible return if you’re only choosing what’s safe. What’s more? In taking the first steps towards freedom in your career as a physical therapist, you will not be alone. Danny now works to help others make the leap towards career freedom through his company, PT BIZ. Meanwhile, PtEverywhere seeks to provide you with tangible tools to get your small business up and running – and eventually, scaled into your own booming business.

Want to know more about Danny Matta? Check out “Why time is more valuable than money,and Danny’s book, F*ck Insurance.  For a more in depth analysis of cash-based physical therapy, check out “Back to the Basics: Starting a Cash Practice.”