September 7, 2023

Pelvic Rehab Practice Owners Discussion on the EMR+ Solution

PtEverywhere's all-in-one EMR+ solution for physical therapy practices.

PtEverywhere's Jonathan Davis sat down with PelviCon Co-Founders Dr.Jessica Reale, PT, DPT of Southern Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, and Dr. Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS of PelvicSanity and Pelvic PT Rising to discuss PtEverywhere's all-in-one EMR+ solution for physical therapy practices.

EMR+ Upgrades Pelvic Rehab Center

In discussing PtEverywhere's strong and positive connection with pelvic rehab practices, Davis explained, "PtEverywhere's first paying subscriber - 7-8 years ago - had no affiliation with anyone at PtEverywhere, found our website on a Facebook page, and said this is exactly what I've been looking for... She is a pelvic rehab practice owner, and she's still using PtEverywhere to run her practice today."

He added, "In 2019, Southern Pelvic Health started using PtEverywhere - and PelvicSanity subscribed shortly after in 2020.  We see a lot of pelvic rehab providers choose PtEverywhere to run their practice and grow their business.  PtEverywhere is very proud to be able to serve and support you with our complete practice management suite, patient communication tools, and mobile app."

Benefits of an EMR+ Solution for Pelvic Health and Rehab Center

In addition to our client testimonials, implementing an EMR+ solution like PtEverywhere's can significantly enhance a pelvic rehab center in various ways:

Improved Efficiency: EMR+ software streamlines the administrative and clinical processes in a pelvic rehab center, reducing paperwork and manual data entry. This leads to more efficient operations, allowing healthcare providers to spend more time with patients.

Enhanced Patient Care: By providing quick access to comprehensive patient records, including treatment history, progress notes, and test results, PtEverywhere's EMR+ software enables healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions and deliver more personalized pelvic pain rehab care to their patients.

Effective Documentation: The software ensures accurate and compliant documentation, which is crucial in the healthcare industry. This minimizes the risk of errors, improves data quality, and helps practitioners maintain up-to-date patient records.

Secure Data Management: EMR+ solutions offer robust security features to protect sensitive patient information, ensuring compliance with healthcare privacy regulations like HIPAA.

Streamlined Communication: The patient communication tools provided by PtEverywhere improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. This can include appointment reminders, follow-up messages, and educational resources, which can lead to better patient engagement and outcomes.

Advance Your Practice With PtEverywhere's EMR+ Software

PtEverywhere's EMR+ solution offers numerous benefits for pelvic rehab centers, ranging from improved patient care and documentation to enhanced communication and operational efficiency. It empowers healthcare providers to better serve their patients and grow their practices while ensuring the security and integrity of patient data.