January 9, 2023

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Experience efficiency and success while delivering exceptional care to your patients

Drive improved patient outcomes and streamline practice management with PtEverywhere. Our all-in-one platform offers comprehensive tools and features to enhance communication, scheduling, documentation, and billing. Experience efficiency and success while delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Keeping patients accountable at home is a persistent challenge that physical therapists face. While patients are actively engaged during clinic visits, maintaining their consistency with home exercise programs (HEP) can be a struggle due to the lack of accountability.

That's where PtEverywhere comes in.

Our compliance reports empower patients to stay engaged and committed to their prescribed exercise programs. These reports provide valuable insights into their progress, allowing them to visualize the benefits of adhering to their HEP.

With the user-friendly PtEverywhere app, patients can conveniently track their progress and monitor their achievements. By accessing their exercise routines, they can easily follow along and record their performance, empowering them with responsibility for their rehabilitation journey.

Our app utilizes pop-up notifications strategically placed throughout the day to support patient accountability further. These gentle reminders prompt patients to complete their rehab programs, record their subjective experiences, and continue collaborating with you, their trusted physical therapist, to achieve their goals.

By leveraging technology to facilitate patient engagement, PtEverywhere bridges the gap between in-clinic and at-home care. Patients no longer rely solely on their memory. Instead, they receive regular prompts and encouragement to foster consistency and commitment to their rehabilitation regimen.

Establishing a stable routine and ensuring patient compliance with home exercise programs can be challenging for physical therapists.

However, patients can take an active role in their recovery with PtEverywhere's:

- Compliance reports

- User-friendly app

- Timely notifications

Remember, when patients feel supported and accountable, they are more likely to adhere to their prescribed programs, leading to better outcomes and overall satisfaction with your services. With PtEverywhere, you can enhance patient engagement, improve treatment adherence, and help patients achieve their rehabilitation goals. Get in touch! 

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