September 14, 2023

PtEverywhere's Patient Engagement Software for Physical Therapy

Your patients deserve the best, and you deserve a patient engagement platform that can deliver it


Running a physical or personal training practice involves various components. Instead of using multiple tools for clinic operations, our fully integrated platform can handle backend admin work. Our patient engagement software also helps you build personalized, meaningful patient relationships.

We offer numerous features to assist patients in reaching their goals and simplify billing, administration, and insurance claims.

For Patients

Notifications: Our platform/app provides timely notifications to your patients, ensuring they stay consistent with their goals and exercises.

Extensive media library: Use our HEP to provide patients with a reference for completing assigned PT workouts. Our media library includes exercise video tutorials, images, and descriptions to keep your clients motivated.

Monitoring and Compliance: Our software provides an easy way for you and your clients to stay informed and see results through reporting and analytics.

Text and video messaging: We make communication easy by providing various channels to connect with your patients, allowing you to stay connected outside the PT clinic.

For Physical Therapists

Scheduling: Simplify your scheduling process with our easy-to-use tool that makes online booking effortless through the web or app. Effortlessly coordinate schedules, empowering patients to choose their preferred times and providers.

Invoice and payments: With seamless integration, you can create and send superbills in just two clicks, allowing patients to conveniently pay, print, or download them from their portal.

Messaging: Improve patient attendance and efficiency with automated emails. Our HIPAA compliance platform also ensures your conversations are secure and protected health information.

Reminders: Set up convenient and hassle-free automatic reminders for patient appointments, personalized home exercise programs, and daily health trackers to ensure seamless and efficient healthcare management.


With PtEverywhere, you don't have to stress over deciding where to focus your time – whether on your patients or building a successful practice. Our patient engagement platform allows you to efficiently manage your clinic practice while still being the incredible physical therapist you aspire to be for your patients.

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