September 27, 2021

Tennis Championship Sponsored by PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere sponsors UTR Invitational

Annual Triangle Tennis Academy Championship hosted in Raleigh-Durham

DURHAM, NC, September 27, 2021 – Members of the PtEverywhere team gathered at Elmira Avenue Park this past weekend to provide sponsorship, support, and participation in the Triangle Tennis Academy UTR Invitational.

“We are honored to have PtEverywhere as partner and sponsor for the annual Triangle Tennis Academy UTR Championship.  This is definitely a great measure of support for us and tennis players across our community,” said Kabiru Ibrahim, head coach and founder of Triangle Tennis Academy. “We look forward to continuing working together and we are very appreciative for all of the work that PtEverywhere does for athletes in North Carolina and beyond.”

PtEverywhere continues efforts to engage local athletic communities and give back through various competitive events.  In addition to promoting outdoor exercise ahead of the winter season, this event served as an opportunity to expand local interest for the sport of tennis.

“Professional athletes, youth athletes, and weekend warriors rely on the PtEverywhere software solution for achieving their physical therapy, movement, and function personal goals,” said Jonathan Davis, Director of Sales at PtEverywhere. “This is more than just a mobile EMR.  We are thrilled to see such a significant impact from the PtEverywhere patient portal across local athletic communities and across the globe.  Having an opportunity to plug in to the UTR Invitational this weekend was a natural fit and a first-class experience.”

More information about Triangle Tennis Academy can be found here.

About PtEverywhere

PtEverywhere (think “Physical Therapist Everywhere” AND “Patient Everywhere”) was founded with an athlete’s mindset and a lofty objective: to create a new paradigm for physical therapists and patients, one with a modern approach to using technology to create a new level of interactive communication between physical therapists and their patients, while also accelerating therapist and patient successes, both inside and outside of the clinic.

PtEverywhere is the next wave in patient care. With the all-in-one physical therapy practice management software system, therapists can streamline their client communications, ensure patient compliance, and reduce overhead – all from one mobile cross-platform solution.