April 15, 2021

5 Steps to Increasing Referrals at your PT Clinic

So- you’ve decided to focus more on referrals. Good move! Capitalizing on your referrals is one of the best things you can do for your PT practice. As we’ve shared many times before, referrals account for the vast majority of practice growth.

Where do you begin? Thankfully, maximizing referral opportunities isn’t complicated: it just takes a bit of forethought and adherence to the practice.

Follow along for 5 simple steps to building a referrals at your PT Clinic:


1. Prioritize your Patient Experience

As a healthcare provider, you never want to come across like you’re selling something that a patient does not need. Deliver services you believe in and constantly pursue growth. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to start with a mission statement.

Your mission statement should be used to shape your clinic’s practices, and serve to check the trajectory of your growth. At its core, your mission should center around patient experience and your desire to enrich the lives of those you serve.

2. Set Goals

Why do you want to focus more on referrals?

Are you simply hoping to increase the number of patients who walk through your doors? What else? Would you like to improve patient loyalty and retention? Would you like to expand your reach outside of your current community?


Whatever your goals may be, write them down. Share them with your team and take some time to refine them. Ensure they’re SMART —
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Here are a few examples of goals for your clinic’s referral program:
– Generate 12 referrals per quarter from your existing patient base
– Convert > 50% of referrals into clients

Your goals should work with your mission statement to hold you accountable. You’ll need them to gauge your success and move your practice in the right direction.

3. Define your Message

Quite simply, why should anyone send a referral to you? You should maintain a clear and concise value proposition with a simple and straight-forward call to action.

What do you offer? How do I get started?

4. Spread the Word

Ask. Ask. Ask. After defining your message, consistently deliver it through all available channels. Do not neglect direct communication while thinking that your online presence alone will be effective.

5. Measure Outcomes

Remember, your purpose in doing this is to develop your business. This doesn’t need to be complicated. A popular business proverb states, “What gets measured get managed.” Do more than just set goals. Track them and adjust your actions if you are falling short. Purchasing a practice management system that measures your key performance indicators and other business metrics in addition to streamlining your administrative tasks is an extremely valuable investment.


Create a sustainable stream of revenue for your PT clinic

Ensuring your PT clinic’s business operations are in check and effective is an important part of long-term success. Focus your energy and effort to promote word-of-mouth marketing and ensure that you’re staying competitive.

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