December 14, 2023

PT Solutions Every Physical Therapist Should Know About

What Do We Mean by PT Solutions

Physical Therapy solutions encompass a diverse suite of software and tools uniquely crafted to address the distinctive needs and challenges encountered by physical therapy practices. 

In fact, PT solutions like PtEverywhere play a pivotal role in advancing patient outcomes and optimizing the management of clinics. Importantly, these solutions should seamlessly complement the array of PT clinic equipment, fostering a cohesive and efficient healthcare environment.

Ready to eliminate the stress and unleash the full potential of your clinic? Dive in and discover how PT solutions can be your ultimate ally in the quest for optimal outcomes and a thriving practice.

Physical Therapy Solutions That Will Level-Up Your Practice


In this comprehensive overview of cutting-edge PT solutions, discover how PtEverywhere revolutionizes the game, propelling your practice to new heights. From seamless scheduling to personalized patient portals, each solution is a step toward a more efficient and engaging clinic experience.

Scheduling Solutions 

One of the PT solutions physical therapy clinics desperately need are scheduling tools. Scheduling tools represent a transformative resource for efficient practice management. PtEverywhere introduces a user-friendly online booking system, accessible via both web and mobile applications. 

This innovative platform empowers patients by allowing them to conveniently select preferred appointment times and providers. The result? A reduction in missed or late appointments through the implementation of automated email confirmations and reminders, ensuring a streamlined and punctual clinic schedule.

Imagine a scenario where scheduling is a breeze for both you and your patients. Sarah, a patient, receives an email reminder for her upcoming physical therapy session, along with a link to reschedule if needed. Sarah is also able to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for her, which reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and increases clinic efficiency.

Charting / EMR Tools 

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) tool within PtEverywhere serves as a beacon of simplicity in the realm of charting. Not only does it simplify the process, but it also guarantees HIPAA-compliant documentation and privacy. 

Real-time documentation features eliminate the redundancy of paper, while customization capabilities enable quick reference and efficient information management, enabling practitioners to focus more on patient care.

Picture this: You're working with a patient, and as you document their progress in real-time using PtEverywhere's EMR tool, the system automatically generates a note attached to their electronic chart. 

This eliminates the need for separate notes outside the patient's chart and reduces paperwork redundancy. Customizing document templates is a breeze, allowing you to quickly access and manage information efficiently.

Payments / Billing Software 

Timely and accurate payment collection is a cornerstone of successful practice management. PtEverywhere supports various payment models, seamlessly integrating with patient documentation to facilitate the creation and easy sending of superbills, insurance billing, and revenue cycle management. This ensures a hassle-free financial workflow within the clinic.

Consider the convenience of PtEverywhere's payment and billing system. After a session, you check out a patient, and the platform seamlessly creates a perfect superbill, instantly accessible to the patient through their portal. They can pay, print, or download it anytime and anywhere, streamlining the payment collection process. 

The integration ensures accuracy in billing, supporting various payment models, whether it's insurance-based or direct pay.

Patient Portal 

The Patient Portal offered by PtEverywhere provides patients with a personalized and convenient experience. From online booking to paperless form completion and secure communication, the portal enhances patient engagement throughout their entire plan of care and beyond. This not only streamlines administrative processes but also fosters a strong patient-practitioner relationship.

Visualize a patient-centric experience with PtEverywhere's Patient Portal. John, a patient, logs in to the portal to book his next appointment at his convenience. He completes necessary forms online, eliminating the hassle of paperwork. The secure communication feature allows him to ask questions directly, fostering a stronger patient-practitioner relationship.

The personalized experience extends beyond the clinic, enhancing patient engagement throughout their entire care journey.

HEP (Home Exercise Programs) 

Home Exercise Programs (HEP) allow practitioners to tailor exercise regimens for individual patients, incorporating videos and guides that align with their specific needs. 

PtEverywhere's extensive video library and the ability to record personalized videos further enhance patient engagement and progress tracking, creating a more dynamic and interactive therapeutic experience.

Envision creating a personalized Home Exercise Program for a patient, Emily, using PtEverywhere. You browse the extensive video library, selecting exercises tailored to Emily's needs. Additionally, you record a video demonstrating specific exercises just for her. Emily receives her customized program through the portal, along with the option to watch instructional videos. 

This not only empowers Emily to actively participate in her recovery but also strengthens the connection between the clinic and the patient.


PT solutions in Telehealth leverage emerging healthcare technology to provide accessibility, ingenuity, and efficiency in remote patient consultations. These versatile PT solutions tools not only facilitate remote care but also introduce a new revenue stream that adapts to practitioners' availability and locations.


Picture a scenario where a patient, James, benefits from a telehealth session through PtEverywhere. Living in a remote area, James can now consult with you from the comfort of his home. The accessibility of PtEverywhere's video conferencing ensures that James receives quality care wherever he is. 

As a practitioner, you expand your reach, creating a new revenue stream that adapts to your availability and location.

Messaging Solutions 

Enhance patient attendance and save valuable time with PtEverywhere's Messaging feature. Automated emails and app reminders not only improve patient interaction but also ensure privacy by meeting HIPAA standards for private conversations and protected health information. This robust communication tool fosters unparalleled patient engagement and clinic efficiency.

Consider the efficiency of PtEverywhere's Messaging feature. Anna, a patient, receives automated reminders for her upcoming sessions, home exercise programs, and daily health trackers. This not only improves patient attendance but also saves valuable time for both you and Anna. 

The privacy measures ensure that all communication meets HIPAA standards, maintaining the confidentiality of patient information.

Ultimate Physical Therapy Solution: PtEverywhere 

In the quest to build a successful physical therapy clinic, it is imperative to integrate advanced software and specialized physical therapy solutions. PtEverywhere emerges as the ultimate solution, streamlining clinic operations and elevating patient engagement.

With its seamless integration of features, PtEverywhere empowers physical therapists to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care and achieving optimal outcomes.

Experience the power of PtEverywhere and revolutionize your physical therapy practice today!